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Kids, they are gifted to earth. Its always intresting to watch their expressions and activities, sometimes it even gets difficult to handle them 🙂

Recently did a shot for a family friend of mine, sharing few of them here.
Master. Prasanna, 2.8 years old from Nicobar island.
His creativity is from north pole to south pole and ofcourse a big chatterbox.


Photography and Me!

Posted: March 6, 2011 in General

I always had an interest towards pictures, how do I make one by myself. It was a very long dream to own a gadget of this sort but it remained a dream for me. Days passed, years flew, came across so many place where I remained silent without a focusing device.

Power of mobile camera, "f stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, white balance" I didn’t knew the definitions for any of these technical jargons. Just kept clicking with my all new Nokia 6270. First 2 megapixel mobile phone camera. wow I was amazed by its performance. Being a part time adventure lovers, happened to meet fellow treakers – Kiruthik and Barani, who dared to give there DSLR to a total stranger and teach him the basics of how to handle it and a special invitation to join their photography club.

Millions of thanks to both of these for lending their digital cameras to me during the first few photo walks with CWC, Chennai Weekend Clickers.

Power of canon in my hands, Finally the time came for me to meddle and fiddle with my own camera. Canon 1000D, which was within my budget 🙂

Thanks for my friends at Ford, for gifting me a tripod.

Team CWC taught me so much from composing, clicking and post-processing. Now It has been few months I am wondering along with these gadgets, a long way to go, lot to learn, so many good hearts around supporting me though I happened to be a pain at times. Today I am getting ready with this blog, wish to take my passion a step ahead. Hopefully with all your wishes, I WILL…..