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Each face has an autobiography

I started off with street photography, there are so many who does this but for me works of these two photostreams were impressive.

My interest is more towards portrait and streets rather than landscaping. You get so many expression, “flawless expression” on along your way. 98% of people whom you come across won’t object from shooting them, they will be very much happy to see them on our display. So make it a point to share their pictures with them.


Tathaa, Shot @ Railway Ground Tambaram


In search of my lost happiness! – Shot @ Mylai Festival


I shall refuse to go if smoking prohibited in heaven! – Shot at Royapuram fishing harbor.



Kido, Shot @ Vaiyavur, near vedanthangal

 Antique little girl

Antique Little girl – Shot @ thalanguppam market

 CWC40 075ee

Poor man’s davidoff* – Shot @ Tiruneermalai

 CWC40 111eee

பேசும் கண்கள் – Her eyes gives the answer

 CWC44 208

Friends – (left) அழகுசாமி (right) கருபுசாமி (true names of these kids)

CWC50 121

Every action is a thought – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC50 138

Nothing is evil according to nature – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC50 162

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional ~ Chili Davis – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC50 184

Shy – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC54 103

People – Shot @ Mylai


Age – Shot @ Kotturpuram

 MOW04 282e

Smile – Shot @ Marina Beach

  MOW 156

Attitude – Shot @ Vandalur Zoo