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Kambala is an annual Buffalo Race held traditionally  in coastal regions of Karnataka, India. This season usually starts in November and lasts until March. About 45 races are being held anually every year. This started as a source of entertainment for ther farmers during off season which is still being continued every year as pride.

Welcome to Kambala

Kambala is traditionally a simple sport. The ‘track’ used for Kambala is a paddy field filled with slush. The contest generally takes place between two pairs of buffaloes, controlled by a whip-lashing farmer. In olden days, the winning pair of buffaloes was rewarded with coconuts and a bunch of plantains. However, Kambala today has become an organised,professional sport. People place massive bets on the buffaloes to win and one can witness more than 20,000 spectators in a well-organised Kambala.

An old Shiv temple in Puttur, Karnataka

We had a chance to be a part of the puttur kambla. Puttur is about 1 hour drive from Mangalore. We stayed in Managlore city and hire a cab to reach Puttur. I shouldn’t forget to quote this about manglore “Well organised city in India. I have seen till now”.

We went to Puttur a bit earlier to the start of the race. There were so many people from near by village coming in trucks with their buffloes to take part in that race.

Crowd entertainers


The practise session started, the owners comes with their buffaloes for registration. An old man cheked the teeths of bulls, by which they catogrise them into senior or junior. Each team is allowed for 2-3 practise run.

Kambala committee member


Ready for our turn

Entering the race track

Just started

Practise session in progress

The owners hires a jockey for their bulls, the jockeys can run for different team. Howver some of the owners restrist them to their team alone.

Kambala rider refreshes after a practise session

Nothing but muscles

Taller and sharper

A junior team in practise session

Oh my god

I win - You lose

Bulls out of control while entering the race track

The main event started in the afternoon, where 2 team will compete at a time. Who ever finishes the 200 m track willed with water wins the race. This goes on for the entire night till the monday evening when the finals take place. people was buzzing like bees, It was like village festival crowed with 1000s of people.

Bulls went out of control and broke the median

The owner trying to bring them under control

Prasanna with the turban

The Kamabala committe members were happy to see us coming all the way from chennai just for this race. They presented us the red turban as a symbol of respect. Also gave us coupons for tea, snacks and lunch.

Red turban as a symbol of respect


Lunch and tea tokens for us

Getting ready to start

Waiting for the start

At the starting point

We fly

The urge to win

Thsi old man checks the bulls before they enter the race

Teeth being checked

Registration in process

Proud owner entering the race

Entry pass

Owners being gifted a shawl

Go go go

175 mts

Faster Faster

Their speed breaks the silence

Crowed at the finish point

Lost the race



Every time I get a reason to travel and this time it happened to be my friend’s wedding at a typical rural village, down south in the district of Pudhukottai.

We started from Chennai on friday night on road, talking the gateway of south “NH45”. It was a late start due to a fellow pal, who got stuck at his work place. By that time all hotels were closed and bit of heavy rain welcomed us. Atlast we found a road side dhaba, which made us mouth water for the smell of egg porata. Atlast dinner was done. I asked the waiter, which place is this. To Our surprise he replied “Chenagalpet by-pass road”. OMG still we havent crossed Chenagalpet.

At was all fun with incidents from college days pulling each other. We were at pudhukottai the next day morning, which is about 45-50 km from the rock city, Trichy.

Started from our room around 10:30 am after breakfast. With the  information we had about places around, we headed to Chittanavasal, rock cut Jain temple.

Rock Cut cave, Jain temple @ Chittanavasal, Pudhukotai Dist

 View Better Quality on flickr (click here)

Don’t ask me if have got a new wide-angle 🙂

This was my first click of the trip and this happened to be my best ever pano.  I JUST LOVED IT.

Chittanavasal, maintained by “Archaeology Survey Of India”, with an entry fee of Rs 5. Though it resembled like the small hill at Gingee, this has its own specialities.

ASI Entry Ticket

Stairs to climb the hill

Speciality of Chittanavasal:
It is said, after Ajanta & Ellora cave paintings, one can see the same sort of painting here in the Jain cave temple, which was built-in 7 AD. It was absolutely stunning to see the creation. Again a uniqeness is, these are not wall paintings. Painting on ceiling of the cave temple. these painting tell stories of ancient times.
Girl Picking flowers with basket, So man has invented basket much earlier. 2 Yogis of different colors, showing color discrimination. elephant taming, bison, buffalo, crocodile, frightened bird, their expressions shown so naturally and so on….

Temple with paintings

Way at the top of the hill

It’s a small temple of 25×25 ft only, of which the painting occupies the front corridor and a small room of about 10×10 ft.  Again this was mind-blowing!
WHY? keep reading
The person in charge of issuing tickets, can forward and explained us about it. He told us understand the beauty and spirituality of the place, so that you will enjoy it. if you just see them as cave. It’s just a cave.
He told us to stand in the corridor and went inside and said “OMMM”. Oh my Goddddddddddd… We could heard the echo for next 15-20 sec. Its  just a cut in middle of the mountain. How could have they designed!
I came out with so many questions in mind. Painting on a wall is possible, but how come on ceiling with some colored juice from fruits and vegetables using feathers, that too without electricity.
History of Chittanavasal:
Rock Cut Jaina Temple also called as Arivar kovil was excavated in early Paindias period in 7th Centruy AD. Facing west, It has an outside corridor and a small room inside. The rear wall consist of the room has relief figures of Jaina Tirthankaras in  sitting posture and side walls with relief figures of Parvasantha and Jaina Acaryas.

The front corridor was decorated with Mural paintings made of vegetable colors, depicting a Lotus tank with realistic figures of men, animals, flowers, fish etc. It recalls the “SAMAVASARNA” faith in Jainism. The Pillars have the dance girls.

Resembles Great Wall Of China PathwayEnd of pathway at the mount of hill

There wasn’t anything at the top of the hill, however there is a pathway made in recent times which gives a view of places around. The path way built resembles to be like the Great wall of China 🙂 🙂

To attract kids and raise the source of income, they have built an artificial lake like water body for pedal boats and parks for kids to play around.

Next our journey started towards kudumiyanmalai, about 15 kms from here.


Shikhagireeshwarar Temple

About the Temple:

An ancient Shiv temple about 50 kms from Tiruchy, under the maintenance of “Archaeology Survey Of India” (ASI). The presiding deities of are Shikhagireeshwarar and akhilAnDEshwari. Usually places under control of ASI will be so neat and clean but this place wasn’t. Probably because of the renovation works going on.

The pillars in the outer corridor have huge sculptures of Hanuman, some of the avatArs of Vishnu. The pillars in the inner corridor has sculptures of Shiva, Parvati, Vinayaka, Muruga, Shiva in Urdhvatandava, Narasimha.

The Outside corridor of the temple has a big mandapam, which has 645 pillars, However its popularly known as aiyaram (1000) kal mandapam.


Side view of a part of mandapam

This was initially built by The Cholas and later outer corridors were architecturally expanded by the Pandyas and the Vijayanagara emperors.

History Of Kudumiyanmalai:

Before this place was called Kudumiyanmalai, its name was Thirunalankunram.


Legend goes that the king used to visit the temple everyday in the evening and it was customary for the priest to give the prasad to the king after the evening pUja. One evening, it was getting late and King Sundarapandian had still not come. Since the closing time of the temple was nearing, the priest gave the prasad to the dasis who danced everyday at the temple. Seeing the king enter the temple just as the dasis were leaving, the priest got worried and took the flowers from the dasis who had already worn it on their hair and gave it to the king. Seeing a strand of hair on the flower, the king became suspicious and questioned the priest about the presence of hair in the flowers. Overcome by fear, the priest lied that it was from Lord Shiva’s head. Angered by the priest’s reply, the king locked him inside the temple, telling him that he would come the next day and check if the Lord did really have hair. Worried, the priest prayed to the Lord.

The next day when the king came, there was indeed a kudumi/shikha (tuft) on the Shiva linga! Becoming suspicious, the king tried to pull it from the Shiva linga, only to see blood coming from the lingam! That’s how the Shiva here got the name Shikhagishwarar & the place got the name, Kudumiyanmalai.

Ancient scripting on the walls

since it was after noon and the temple was totally emplty, the person incharge had an eye on us and restricted us from clicking 😦

Hill next to the temple:

There is hill behind the temple, where you can spot a small temple at the top. It didn’t have proper stairs to climb. However it was easy to climb as mentioned by the temple incharge. Our friends were tired and decided to stay in teh car, but I didnt want to missed the view of the dusk from hill top. Two of us decided to go ahead and it was worth it.

Pano view from hill top


Murugar Temple on the top

Back to Pudhukottai exactly at intro song of Mankatha movie @ vijay theatre, though I am not die hard fan of the ultimate star “AJITH” this was ultimate indeed. I ENJOYED IT 🙂

Friends wedding the next day morning. Back to Chennai!

Back to chennai without a sip of Jigarthanda, not at all. We went all the way into Trichy city without taking the by-pass road. That made our trip 🙂 My friends didn’t know about the famous “vechu”, a diffrent form of porata. Why to come back home half heart. Letz taste that toooooo.

What else do we need to end our trip when the climate is so chill.Hotttt vechu with mutton gravy at 7 PM in a road side dhaba.

Few Works From the trip:


I Am No More Valued

Kids, they are gifted to earth. Its always intresting to watch their expressions and activities, sometimes it even gets difficult to handle them 🙂

Recently did a shot for a family friend of mine, sharing few of them here.
Master. Prasanna, 2.8 years old from Nicobar island.
His creativity is from north pole to south pole and ofcourse a big chatterbox.

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!!

அனைவருக்கும் இனிய சர்வதாரி தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!!!!

ஜேசன் படைப்புகள்

Sri Neervana Swamy Temple, Thiruneermalai, Pallavaram, Chennai

Thiruneermalai is a panchayat town in Kancheepuram district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Its about 8 kms from Pallavaram Bus stop. The temple at the top of the hill is famous for filming.

The temple:
The base Temple is dedicated to Lord Rama also known as Neervanan in a standing posture and the temple up the hill has four shrines for Lord Ranganatha (Kidanthaan – in reclining posture), Animamalarmangai Thayaar, Trivikrama (Nadanthaan – in standing posture) and Lord Narasimha (Irundhaan – sitting posture). It is a double prakaram temple. The Garuda shrine faces the Lord. The view from the top of the hill is wonderful.

The legend is that when Valmiki prayed to Lord Ranganatha and Goddess Ranganayaki in the base temple, they took the form of Lord Rama and Sita, Sesha, Conch, Chakra as Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatruguna and Garuda as Hanuman. Sage Valmiki could view Lord Ranganatha, Lord Trivikrama and Lord Narasimha in the top temple.

Getting there:
Its hardly 15-20 mins drive from pallavaram or you could board M55A which starts from Broadway and goes through Thiruneermalai till Pazhanthandalam.

In & around Thiruneermalai:

Your life is a piece of clay, dont let anyone else mold it for you.

Pottery and faming seems to be the main works of people there, but its vanishing slowly and very few familys are involved in this told this gentlemen, who closed the business for the day to visit his new born grand daughter. But he himslef came forward and did 2 pot for us to click. hats off to him.

Temple Tank @ Thiruneermalai

Temple at the base of hill

Mandapam at the entrance

Temple Entrance to climb the hill

Temple Entrance to climb the hill

Entrance of Main temple

Entrance of Main temple

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it ~ Jean de La Fontaine

Whats fun for us..... is life for others.

Supermoons and elections doesnt come every fortnight.

Supermoons and elections doesnt come every fortnight.

Its the orbital mechanics that brings the moon closer to Earth than that it has been in more than 18 years, the biggest full moon occured on March 19th 2011, Saturday. It was as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than lesser full Moons.

Its wasnt visbile completely everywhere due to bad weather, But we Indians we lucky enough to enjoy the Super moon.

I tried to shot, but ended up in nothing with my 18-55 mm lens, after a couple of days got a chance to use canon 70-300 mm lens of my friend. This time I didn’t want to miss the chance but it had already melted half way.

Tamil Nadu State Election:

On April 13 2011, people of tamil nadu has the “right to vote” for a canditate of their choice. Each one has their own reason to chose a party/canditate.

What may…what go…
Do not miss the chance to exercise your franchise

This offer came to me all of a sudden, There was last minute drop out in my friend’s outing plan and I made use of the chance. Chennai to my friend’s home at Tutucorin and visiting places in and around.

Chennai to kovilpatti by Guruvayur Express, I always hate this so-called express. It can be renamed as passenger. Took a bus from kovil patti to tutucorin and it was almost 10PM when we reached home.

Started to Papanasam next day morning. It’s almost 4 hrs drive. Breakfast on the way and reached around noon. We were in the neighbouring district – Thirunelveli.

It’s about 2000+ m from sea level on a hilly region, Our first stop was at Agasthiyar falls. Pathaneer to start off with, the sort of juice extracted from the palm tree in summer.

Pathaneer on a hot summer day

Agasthiar Falls

This falls wasn’t a very big one, it had small branches on the other sides, which we managed to reach climbing small boulders. Lots of school children and localites spending their week end. One best thing about this place is vendors there have been banned to use plastic carry bags, but still people who visit pollute the place.

Branches near to the main falls

What a pleasure when you stand under the down pouring water.

These local terrorist grab eatables from the visitor, You can never escape from them.

Local terrorist

Our next stop was at the Kariyar Dam, which is about 30-45 minutes drive up the hill. This is a reserve forest, spread across a massive area marked as a reserve for tiger rehabilitation programme. At the check post you need to pay Rs 15/per individual, car and camera.

This official peeped into our car for inspection 🙂

At the checkpost

Vehicles aren’t allowed after a point, got to walk about 1.5 km, which was bit steep. It was almost 4 pm, all of us were hungry without lunch, so thought of taking some snacks with us. Forest officer seeing this shouted at us… “If you take this up, our people with collect it from you”. I thought eatables aren’t allowed inside like the ZOO in Chennai. Then he added up saying with a smile, if you harm them you will pay a fine of 25000.

Then realised he is talking about the local terrorist. so decided to leave the bag in our car. By the time my friend’s mom could reach the car, she lost 2 chips packets.

Walk for 15 min from car parking - Kariyar Dam

This dam is being used for generating hydro-electric power and then using for irrigating and other purposes. This spot is being maintained by Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and not Tamil Nadu Tourism.

The main office of TNEB, hydro power station. Photo prohibited, people shouted when i pointed my camera against this building. I somehow managed to get one 🙂

TNEB hydro power station

Couldn’t figure our why it mentioned as Thambraparni Dam 1938-1943, Probably it was the old name. The river which starts from here is still being called as “Thamaraparani”.

Talking to a guard, I came to know this was constructed during british period and not maintained by TNEB.

You got a take a motor boat which cost Rs 20/head, need to wait until the boat is filled with it capacity of 15 or you can hire it completely for Rs. 300.

Need to get down about 50-100 meters down as the water level as decreased.

I have been boating very frequently past few months, but this one was something very different. This boat will take you to the other side of dam to Vanateertham Falls and it’s not possible to go by walk.

Boating and water outlet at the dam

Getting down at the other side of dam, again need to climb a bit steep rocks. These Rocks aren’t usually visible and will be covered full with water ever the place from where I shot this.

Other side of Dam


Walking about 15-20 mins from the boat, a big falls called vanateertham falls.

Vanateertham Falls

Totally exhausted after a bath at falls, back to boat and entry of dam. Luckily we got a share auto from the Dam till car parking avoiding 15 mins walk.

Back to tutucorin, on the way back, Yummy yummy egg parota and jigarthanda. If you havent tasted “jigarthanda” please do when you get a chance. In Chennai you get it in all outlet of Murugan Idli Shop.
Probably it can be termed as “Indian Falluda”

I knew tutucorin is famous for its harbour, it adds a huge income in overseas trade. It’s also well known for “Dry Fish” its cheap and good.

Apart from these, Tutucorin is also famous for “Macroons”, wow wow wow.. it just melts in mouth. the one we get in our super markets sucks. My friend said it’s quite costly, but didn’t knew it was costlier than home-made chocolates, Yes, it cost Rs 500 per kilo. But trust me.. worth it 🙂

It needs to be stored in an air tight container, if not it becomes like cotton candy. Never miss a tutucorin dry fish and macroons if you get a chance.

Getting to Papanasam from Chennai:
Board a train from Chennai Egmore to Thirunelveli, you get frequent buses from there to Amba Samudram, from Amba Samudram hiring a car will be fine to go up the hill and visit places near by, as there are only 2 buses which run in this route.

Few of my work from this trip:

Little Lady drying her hair

Success doesnt come without hurdles, its your choice to move ahead or stay back

Faithful Friends

Good Or Bad, each journey has a reason!

Its Summerrr

The world is so big with diffrent characters and each character is very much unique. You may feel pity for someone, you may want to help them at time its out of our hands. Each character I came across this week end, had their own worries inside still they showed a smiling face with a warm welcome.

Its sort of happiness even when you think of an upcoming week end. wake up late, no need to work, have a good time with friends and family and regain all energy to run the coming week. I didn’t expect mush for this week end, but it turned out to be a great week end for me.
Joined a CWC photo walk after a very long time. It’s always happy moments being with Chennai Weekend Clickers right from idli vadai to clicking and the mocka jokes.. pulling each other. Though it was very hard to wake up by 4:30 am and thinking I need to ride about 30-40 km, I really wanted to go to bed again, But today i really wanted to shot with CWC cheered me up.

Our work begins for the day

Riding all alone along the GST road, pammal – kundrathur road reached poonamalle around 5:45. Was damn hungry by this time, though a tea would make me better. Spotted a tea shop and there was Ashok, MRK and Irfan {going for a walk, If you can spot a tea shop with vadai and Bonda, you can always find CWCians there 😉 }

Thanks for that OC tea Ashokji 😉

Soon joined by Guru, Nirmal, Arun, 1more Ashok, and a new CWCian (sorry dont remember his name) and the team was eagerly awaiting the arrival of out “THALAIVAR”. Once Barani joined us and upon his order to “FIRE” we are all set with our machines. Our first spot was at a waste landed, which I later discovered there is big business going on. every where you turn, you can pick a subject of your own. A brick making place.. (athanbaa sengal sula). While talking with a worker, he said their daily work starts at 1 am in the morning, OMG.

Value your own work


Dirty legs.. but clean heart

81st CWC Walk

Then next was a green spot, in middle of a cultivation farm, where we also took a group pic. then happen to me my first walk with Ashok, I asked him for a portfolio pic. he “DID”. Thanks for that too ji 😉

Filling our stomach with hot idlis and vadi from a small shop where hardly 4-5 and sit. We were about 8-9 and the owner was really happy to server us.  The old granny at the shop was a greta model and patiently posed for me – to be uploaded soon…..Now its time for the next chapter “THE STREET”, WOW…

This place had more of houses in the old style with a cycle infront and kids playing around. one gentle man man forward and took me inside his friends house, where they do hand weaving. It was an very old house and so dark, a man was busy work under a light of big bright bulb. Tried few shot but most of them didnt come out well as it was so dark.

Busy man at work

Unfortunately my display read “Change Battery Pack”, Shame on me… 😦 had to return back home half hearted.

ARUN: stay with us till the end man.
ME: yethuku nenga click pandratha pathu na vaithu yeruchal padaaa… poyaaa poyaa…

Trust me… this walk really made my “DAY”. Though I had to retuen back half way, I was really happy with my shots and to be with my own home team 🙂 Small weekend shopping with a collegue of mine and play with him new camera on the pallavaram bye-pass bridge late night. shiva took to me to a place for panipuri, never knew we do get pani puri so late night.

I was completely exhausted, and the India Vs SA worldcup cricket match 😦

Wished to go to fishing harbour sunday morning, its a place where you find the real “Indian Street”, but had to go out with a friend. But I will be there again sometime very soon.

Few works from this week end walk:

These kids were playing near to the brick factory, they were great models for us 🙂

Joy of childhood

Unloved flower

This happened to be my first photo trip with Photologic after joining Logica.  Wow this happened to be an unforgettable trip I have been so far. This write-up is for people who thought of joining us but couldn’t make it up.

Our stylish Chevy beat starting from Guindy, early morning on Saturday, escaping city traffic and before the sun could shed its love on us.  It was a pleasant and smooth drive through the East Coast Road. Stopped in Pondy for breakfast @ Royal Restaurant, OMG one masala dosa was costlier than a large vodka J. We started again and reached the City of Dance – Chidambaram.

Though it was difficult to get a room, we managed to get a pretty decent  one at last. After refreshing and lunch, the actually adventure begins

Pichavaram is home to the second largest Mangrove forest in the world, I never knew this before J it was more than what I expected. We hired a boat, Sampath, the rower, who accompanied us was very much familiar with the botanical name of different species there, which was all greek and Latin for us. Hiring a motor boat is on not great excitement, as it doesn’t go deep inside the forest. So it’s always better to take a normal hand rowing one.  We came to know lot many movies were shot in this palce including the opening song of “Dasavatharam”. For us it was like a crocodile hunting mission which we usually see in animal planet J.  Fully covered with trees on either sides, hardly sunlight peeps inside and a small way through which only one small ferry could make it.

(Sampath, man who accompanied us and Prasanna)Friend Umanath in Action

We were back to the shore around 5 PM. We also shot few people weeding and villagers passing by. Hot bajies  and tea at a road side shop.  Very much yummy indeed 🙂

 Now back to Chidambaram, Nataraja (Shiva) temple. The uniqueness of this one is  it depicts the Lord Shiva as the Lord of the dance Bharatanatyam and is one of the few temples where Shiva is represented by an anthropomorphic murthi rather than the classic, anionic lingam. After darshan, though we were tired we took few night shot at the temple. Back to room after a simple veggie dinner near the temple.

As per plan we are leave pondy next day morning, a sudden change in  plan, thanks a tonne to google maps and Prasanna, he found there is a place nearby called “PORTO NOVO” port of Portuguese once.  We departed to Porto Novo, where a big surprise awaiting for us.

all set for the water ride

 We clicked few shots of sun rise and people around the fishing harbor. Umanath checked if we could take a ferry and go to the nearby island. Though I stopped him initially I did node my head and didn’t want to miss the adventure of riding in a boat into the sea J. Millions of thanks, Uma. U rock J. Couple of fisher man took us in their ferry, it was awesome and bit scary too. They took us bit away from the shore where few bigger fishing boats were anchored, then to a small island nearby. It was awesome. The feel was like a desert surrounded by water everywhere around.

At the island, Porto Novo

Prasanna in Action

Back to the shore after almost one and half hours, the place which was totally deserted was fully crowded by the time we came back to the shore, it was a local wholesale fish market, similar to the one at kasimedu @ Chennai. Everyone was very much hungry and all we need was only food. Stopped for an heavy breakfast in a dhaba along Chidambaram-Pondicherry highway.  We all ate so much probably our’s might have been the highest bill for him the whole day 🙂

Selvam & his friend, who drove us to the island

We still had some more energy left over for the saraku city (Pondy). Drove straight to Auroville a silent peaceful place with citizens of the world all around. Spending few hours there started our trip back to Chennai. We were much more excited on seeing a petrol pump reading petrol @ 56rs/ lit. We didn’t wana miss this bumper offer.

 Again an awesome lunch in ECR dabha, with yummy yummy fish. Stopped at muttukadu for a water scooter ride, the saddest part was we aren’t allowed to ride the scooter. Played with Umanath’s 70-300 lens while they were enjoying the scooter ride. The light was too harsh so could manage only to get a average picture of them.

@ Muttukadu

Finally our wk end came to an end at tiruvanmiyur. Overall it was an amazing extraordinary trip with team PhotoLogic.  Thank you so much team.

Only 2 in action, spot it!!

 Few of my works from the trip:

What does the world got for you!

You can't row a boat in two directions at the same time

From the pirates deck

A man's children and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season ~ Author Unknown


மிட்டாய் மிட்டாய் பஞ்சுமிட்டாய்

Seems like you choose your own path, but its already fixed by someone up there - Own Composition

கங்கைகொண்ட சோழபுரம்

Shiva temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Unlike others I never had chance to travel to home town or any villages during summer holidays. Most of my relative stayed within the city, I have hardly been out of Chennai. I wish to travel across latitude and longitudes. Recently had a chance to visit Gangaikondacholapuram, which was half an hour drive from my friend’s town, where we went for a wedding.

Gangaikonda Cholapuram,  a temple for lord Shiva built by the cholas marking marking their victory over Pala Dynasty. Rajendra Chola-I son of the Great Rajaraja-I, established this temple after his great victorious march to river Ganges on Northern India. This temple looks exactly similar to the shiva temple at Tanjore. there are many stories which revolve for the origin of this temple. We guys spoke with one of the person in charge there, he told us the entire temple is one foot less in all aspects when compared to the Tanjore temple.

To my surprise this temple was maintained so green and clean. Later we found that this is under the maintenance of UNESCO as a part of world heritage. Probably that’s the reason for it.

Nandhi* @ Gangaikondan, Nandhi is the bull which Shiva rides and the gate keeper of Shiva and Parvati in Hindu mythology.

Another version of Gangaikondan


Each face has an autobiography

I started off with street photography, there are so many who does this but for me works of these two photostreams were impressive.

My interest is more towards portrait and streets rather than landscaping. You get so many expression, “flawless expression” on along your way. 98% of people whom you come across won’t object from shooting them, they will be very much happy to see them on our display. So make it a point to share their pictures with them.


Tathaa, Shot @ Railway Ground Tambaram


In search of my lost happiness! – Shot @ Mylai Festival


I shall refuse to go if smoking prohibited in heaven! – Shot at Royapuram fishing harbor.



Kido, Shot @ Vaiyavur, near vedanthangal

 Antique little girl

Antique Little girl – Shot @ thalanguppam market

 CWC40 075ee

Poor man’s davidoff* – Shot @ Tiruneermalai

 CWC40 111eee

பேசும் கண்கள் – Her eyes gives the answer

 CWC44 208

Friends – (left) அழகுசாமி (right) கருபுசாமி (true names of these kids)

CWC50 121

Every action is a thought – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC50 138

Nothing is evil according to nature – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC50 162

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional ~ Chili Davis – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC50 184

Shy – Shot @ East. Tambaram Depot

 CWC54 103

People – Shot @ Mylai


Age – Shot @ Kotturpuram

 MOW04 282e

Smile – Shot @ Marina Beach

  MOW 156

Attitude – Shot @ Vandalur Zoo