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This offer came to me all of a sudden, There was last minute drop out in my friend’s outing plan and I made use of the chance. Chennai to my friend’s home at Tutucorin and visiting places in and around.

Chennai to kovilpatti by Guruvayur Express, I always hate this so-called express. It can be renamed as passenger. Took a bus from kovil patti to tutucorin and it was almost 10PM when we reached home.

Started to Papanasam next day morning. It’s almost 4 hrs drive. Breakfast on the way and reached around noon. We were in the neighbouring district – Thirunelveli.

It’s about 2000+ m from sea level on a hilly region, Our first stop was at Agasthiyar falls. Pathaneer to start off with, the sort of juice extracted from the palm tree in summer.

Pathaneer on a hot summer day

Agasthiar Falls

This falls wasn’t a very big one, it had small branches on the other sides, which we managed to reach climbing small boulders. Lots of school children and localites spending their week end. One best thing about this place is vendors there have been banned to use plastic carry bags, but still people who visit pollute the place.

Branches near to the main falls

What a pleasure when you stand under the down pouring water.

These local terrorist grab eatables from the visitor, You can never escape from them.

Local terrorist

Our next stop was at the Kariyar Dam, which is about 30-45 minutes drive up the hill. This is a reserve forest, spread across a massive area marked as a reserve for tiger rehabilitation programme. At the check post you need to pay Rs 15/per individual, car and camera.

This official peeped into our car for inspection 🙂

At the checkpost

Vehicles aren’t allowed after a point, got to walk about 1.5 km, which was bit steep. It was almost 4 pm, all of us were hungry without lunch, so thought of taking some snacks with us. Forest officer seeing this shouted at us… “If you take this up, our people with collect it from you”. I thought eatables aren’t allowed inside like the ZOO in Chennai. Then he added up saying with a smile, if you harm them you will pay a fine of 25000.

Then realised he is talking about the local terrorist. so decided to leave the bag in our car. By the time my friend’s mom could reach the car, she lost 2 chips packets.

Walk for 15 min from car parking - Kariyar Dam

This dam is being used for generating hydro-electric power and then using for irrigating and other purposes. This spot is being maintained by Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and not Tamil Nadu Tourism.

The main office of TNEB, hydro power station. Photo prohibited, people shouted when i pointed my camera against this building. I somehow managed to get one 🙂

TNEB hydro power station

Couldn’t figure our why it mentioned as Thambraparni Dam 1938-1943, Probably it was the old name. The river which starts from here is still being called as “Thamaraparani”.

Talking to a guard, I came to know this was constructed during british period and not maintained by TNEB.

You got a take a motor boat which cost Rs 20/head, need to wait until the boat is filled with it capacity of 15 or you can hire it completely for Rs. 300.

Need to get down about 50-100 meters down as the water level as decreased.

I have been boating very frequently past few months, but this one was something very different. This boat will take you to the other side of dam to Vanateertham Falls and it’s not possible to go by walk.

Boating and water outlet at the dam

Getting down at the other side of dam, again need to climb a bit steep rocks. These Rocks aren’t usually visible and will be covered full with water ever the place from where I shot this.

Other side of Dam


Walking about 15-20 mins from the boat, a big falls called vanateertham falls.

Vanateertham Falls

Totally exhausted after a bath at falls, back to boat and entry of dam. Luckily we got a share auto from the Dam till car parking avoiding 15 mins walk.

Back to tutucorin, on the way back, Yummy yummy egg parota and jigarthanda. If you havent tasted “jigarthanda” please do when you get a chance. In Chennai you get it in all outlet of Murugan Idli Shop.
Probably it can be termed as “Indian Falluda”

I knew tutucorin is famous for its harbour, it adds a huge income in overseas trade. It’s also well known for “Dry Fish” its cheap and good.

Apart from these, Tutucorin is also famous for “Macroons”, wow wow wow.. it just melts in mouth. the one we get in our super markets sucks. My friend said it’s quite costly, but didn’t knew it was costlier than home-made chocolates, Yes, it cost Rs 500 per kilo. But trust me.. worth it 🙂

It needs to be stored in an air tight container, if not it becomes like cotton candy. Never miss a tutucorin dry fish and macroons if you get a chance.

Getting to Papanasam from Chennai:
Board a train from Chennai Egmore to Thirunelveli, you get frequent buses from there to Amba Samudram, from Amba Samudram hiring a car will be fine to go up the hill and visit places near by, as there are only 2 buses which run in this route.

Few of my work from this trip:

Little Lady drying her hair

Success doesnt come without hurdles, its your choice to move ahead or stay back

Faithful Friends

Good Or Bad, each journey has a reason!

Its Summerrr